Black Belt Service Project – Paul Le Hardy (KAT)

Click the link below to view file containing Paul’s Black Belt Service Project.


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Lunch for the Homeless

Black Belt Service Project for Yilun Parkhouse-Song

For my service project I organized donations for lunches for homeless people. I also organized a group of people to make sandwiches, pack the lunches, and go downtown to hand the lunches out to the homeless on November 13th, 2016.  The lunches had a ham and cheese sandwich, granola bar, chips and a bottle of water. There were about 30 people who helped. Some only helped pack and make the lunches and some only helped pass out the lunches to the homeless people. We made about 130 lunches for the homeless. I was very surprised when I saw how many homeless people there were along the streets near the Samaritan House. There were easily more than 100 homeless people along the streets. The homeless people were very thankful when we gave them the lunches.  I felt happy that the homeless got some food and some water.

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Fall Elementary School League Results

(Aurora, CO) – Students from 15 different schools competed in the Fall Elementary League Championships on November 12th, 2016 at the Korean Academy of Taekwondo. Events contested included forms (memorized patterns of movement), board breaking, grappling (trying to earn points by getting partners into a dominant position or causing them to tap out) and sparring (earning points by kicking and punching opponent’s targets).

The event was popular, with 81 athletes competing in a total of 149 events. This marked an 86% increase in the number of events contested over last year’s championships. The battle for top overall points was intense – with 12 points, this year’s fifth place winner would have earned first last year.

Instructor Paola Perez’s Montessori Del Mundo Team was the clear winner throughout, diversifying their sparring only performance from last year. In fact, their 42 points was more than last year’s champion, Aurora Quest, earned the entire 2015-2016 season (28).



MDM Taekwondo celebrates their victory














Master Bethany Lopez’s Murphy Creek Jets have to feel good about their performance with 2nd place. At 21 points, they already have more than the 15 they earned all last year, when they finished 5th.

Instructor Dean Leverett’s Carbon Valley Academy and Aurora Quest were right behind at 20 points, and Master Kamil’s Crescent View Academy ended in 5th place with 5 points.

Special thanks to Luevano’s TKD for also bringing excellent competitors.

The students took the opportunity to do a ‘mannequin challenge’ before competition began.


Full Results

MDM – 42

Murphy Creek – 21

Carbon Valley – 20

Quest – 20

Crescent View Academy – 12

Shoemaker – 9

Arrowhead – 6

Highline – 4

Lotus – 3

GVA – 2

Vassar  – 2

Mosley – 2

Sagebrush – 2

Mracheck – 1

Fox Ridge – 1

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Help Brighten a Child’s Day


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Local martial arts school celebrates 40 years!

This gallery contains 2 photos.

Tiger Kim’s Academy (TKA) was founded in 1976 and has been located in Denver on the corner of East Colfax Avenue and Steele Street for many years.  In addition to being one of Denver’s, Colorado’s and one of the country’s … Continue reading

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Twin Dragons Tournament Results

12376745_1117904631575662_7927685613278872855_n(Denver, CO) – The Twin Dragons Tournament was held at Metro State University on April 16-17. It seemed fated, but once again it snowed. The forecast caused the addition of a new event, the best school spirit snowman contest. Fortunately, although it snowed for 40+ hours straight at the venue, the snow didn’t stick except during the earliest hours of Sunday morning. Despite the weather, almost all of the 300+ competitors managed to make it and compete successfully. The event also completed the 2015-2016 CO K8 School League Season. 

Saturday featured all of the events besides sparring and grappling, and the level was high across the board, especially in the black belt divisions. In the Men’s Black Belt Forms division, Joshua Sallee (ALL) top top honors followed by Chris Endo (Victory) with John Lynn (Left Foot) and Ian Fleddermann (CU Denver) earning the bronzes. On the Women’s side Angela Olsen (ALL) took first with Summer Cannon (ALL) in second and Emma Hatfield (UNC) in third.

In board breaking, Master RJ Tomas (KAT) won with a mind-boggling routine that included 3 separate boards with spearfingers as well as a 2 board break with one finger. See the video here. Joshua Sallee (ALL) took second while Chris Garcia (ALL) and Sam Waters (ALL) finished third. On the Women’s side Angela Olsen (ALL) took gold. The boys 15-17 breaking had incorrect results. The order should have been Matthew Doyon (ALL) Gold, Janus Tomas (KAT) Silver, Jeremiah Manzanares (ALL) Bronze.


Yes that actually happened.


Blaster Pad sparring and Junk Weapons were once again a big hit, with students young and old alike going all out and coming up with creative martial arts uses for all sorts of everyday household objects. The team forms and group forms were amazing, with a special performance by the ALL Snapdragons, a team of women in their 40s and 50s who were amazingly skilled and synchronized.

The new Cloud Chess event featured few competitors but fierce matches, with Theo Sisson (Victory) and Master Laron Younger (LaKai) taking the Jr and Sr divisions respectively. They were unable to play for the Grand Championship, and the event will have to be scheduled for a later time.


Matthew Doyon (ALL) captured gold over Janus Tomas (KAT) by virtue of long combinations and thunderous crowd noise.

Grandmaster Barb Kunkel’s ALL Competition Demo Team continued their domination of the main event, with a poignant and powerful Olympic themed demo. It was the 5th year in a row that they took top honors. The trick kick battle provided some fantastic aerial stunts, including several competitors landing full twisting flips and Master RJ throwing a 540 Gyro. The Trick Kick Battle is one of the most positive events, with competitors cheering loudly for their opponents, crowd noise factored into the judges’ scores, and even an impromptu kindergarten/pre-school division.



Shin’s Academy took home the School Spirit Snowman building award

Sunday featured some great sparring and grappling matches at all levels from young beginners to top black belts. In the Men’s Black Belt Lightweight division, Augustin ‘El Tinito’ Luevano (Luevanos) dominated, bringing home the gold in one of the largest divisions. Brandon Lau (UNC) finished second with Dylan Badiga (Delgados) and Trenton Alberts (Han Lee) taking bronzes.

The Men’s Middleweight Black Belt Division was won by Bruce Mejia (Rock) with Jacob Gonzalez (Gonzalez TKD) earning second and Andrew Lopez (ACT) and Francisco Santos (Gonzalez) rounding out the podium.

The Men’s Heavyweight Division champion was Farhang Mousavizadeh (KAT) who defeated Sam Douglass (KAT). 

Adult women’s black belts had a combined weight division, which was won by Eva ‘Bubbles’ Luevano (Luevanos) with Angela Olsen (ALL) in second and Katelyn Wiegand (UNC) in third

In the adult advanced grappling divisions, Andrew Lopez (Auraria Campus Taekwondo) took gold for lightweight and Sir ‘Reaper’ Salonis (STORM) took it for heavyweight. In the women’s division, Angela Olsen (ALL) earned the top honors.

All in all the tournament was a big success, with numerous compliments and not a single complaint about the organization. Still, there is much that can and will be improved to make it an even smoother experience.

Many students won the Grand Champion ring (11 points) but the MVP of the tournament has to go to Angela Olsen (ALL) who dominated the women’s black belt divisions, winning gold in Forms, Breaking, Demo, and Grappling and silver just in sparring.

Much thanks to all the competitors, coaches, and parents who attended and we look forward to seeing you at the 2017 Lone Wolf Classic.


Two of our strongest warriors at the opposite ends of the belt system but united by their success in defeating cancer. USA Olympian Grandmaster Barb Kunkel (ALL) congratulates Daisy Walsh (KAT) on her gold medal in board breaking.

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CO Elementary League Full Results

(Denver, CO). The Twin Dragons Tournament formed the final piece of the puzzle in determining the standings for the 2015-2016 year. It once again came down to the wire with more than 25 schools earning points. The following table summarizes the standings of the top finishers.







Aurora Quest became the first team to win the title three times (2012, 2014, 2016), breaking Crescent View Academy’s streak of two consecutive victories. The victory was bittersweet for Instructor Cathy Burson, as it was her last year at Quest. She was instrumental in starting the program 7 years ago and has been in almost every class since. Although there were some veteran competitors such as Addie ‘The Annihilator’ Burson,  Avery ‘The Impossible’ Stelzreide and  Maya Braunstein, the bulk of the points were earned by Kindergarten and 1st graders.  Instructor Cathy noted: “Each of them competed with great sportsmanship, excellent technique and (very importantly) big smiles! I am always proud at the effort students put into the tournament, but this year was particularly rewarding to watch.


Avery receives the scores for her forms. Photo credit Chris Mancuso.

Carbon Valley Academy ended up in second place. It was a great start for a program less than one year old. Instructor Dean Leverett added: “I believe the thing that has impacted me the most has been the dedication of the kids. I have seen children who don’t last in other sports give their whole heart to their training in Taekwondo. A child with severe autism has more social skills now than previously and a couple with ADHD have more focus and something to keep them motivated. The program has assisted the children in being more confident in both their social interactions at school and in their lives. To see the proud smiles on their faces is a dream come true for me.


Ins Dean holds a board during the breaking competition. Photo credit Chris Mancuso.

Master Kamil Latipov had two teams in the top six, Crescent View Academy in 3rd place and Joe Shoemaker in 6th place. CVA was missing several key families in this event which impacted their ability to win overall. Master Kamil was especially proud of his Shoemaker students. “The students did really well for their first year of competition. They have a really strong base and I can’t wait to see how they grow in the future.

Montessori Del Mundo ended up taking 4th place. The school finished first place in the sparring competition, but didn’t participate in the other point bearing events for this year. Instructor Paola Perez stated: “It’s not how big you are, it’s how big you play, and MDM gave everything out there. Proud of my kiddos. They did a great job.” 










Fifth place was earned by Master Bethany Lopez’s Murphy Creek program, another program a little more than one year old. Vanguard Classical School East and Mosley P8 rounded out the top 8.

The tournament was an amazing finish to the 6th league season and the league keeps growing and growing with new teams and students.

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Major Upheaval At Top of K8 League Standings

(Aurora, CO) – The traditional powerhouses were dethroned in the Fall Colorado Elementary Taekwondo League Championships on November 14th as three new programs stormed to the top. Instructor Paola Perez’s Montessori Del Mundo team took top honors with a spirited performance centered around Olympic Sparring. Master Bethany Lopez’s Murphy Creek Jets came in second, with dominating performances in breaking and forms. Third place honors were won by Dean Leveret’s Carbon Valley Academy squad.

The tournament also featured a great showing by many students from Luevano Taekwondo.


Murphy Creek Team


Of course, it remains to be seen whether the results can hold after the Twin Dragons Tournament (April 16-17) when more points are up for grabs and most established teams are usually stronger. In any case, it is a great start!

Full results.

  1. Montessori Del Mundo. (12)
  2. Murphy Creek (10)
  3. Carbon Valley Academy (8)
  4. Crescent View Academy (7)
  5. GVA Ft. Collins (6)
  6. Highline Academy (5)
  7. Vanguard (5)
  8. Aurora Quest (5)
  9. Lotus School for Excellence (4)
  10. CO International School (4
  11. Aspen Crossing (4)
  12. Belleview (2)
  13. DSST (2)
  14. Archuletta Elementary (2)
  15. Centennial Elementary (1)
  16. Loremy Johnson (1)
  17. Greenwood Academy (1)
  18. Plays Bridge Academy (1)
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Sifu Kisu Star Visits Colorado

(Littleton, CO)LaKai Taekwondo (KAT Littleton)  hosted a seminar from Sifu Kisu Star of the Harmonious Fist Chinese Athletic Association on September 19th and 20th. You can learn more about Sifu Kisu on the Avatar Wiki Page or his tumbler page. In addition to adapting traditional martial arts to create the bending on the show, he was also the inspiration for the character of Sokka’s master.


Official Seminar Photo

The seminar was a collaboration between the Rocky Mountain Kung Fu Alliance and the Korean Academy of Taekwondo. Master Laron Younger, the main host for the event stated: “I would venture to say that having Sifu Kisu visit was an incredible experience for all who came in contact with him. I believe that it was truly one of the best experiences I’ve had in the martial arts world, it’s truly refreshing to see someone who has such a love and compassion martial arts and people.

Sifu Gary Choi added: “Sifu Kisu was amazing to have around, his insight and skill on the martial arts is only surpassed by his heart, love, and compassion for people around him and for the art.”  Sifu Adam Reed called Sifu Kisua treasure among us” and the sentiment was widely shared.

The seminars covered a variety of empty hand and sword forms. While the techniques themselves were fantastic, a good part of the real value of the weekend came in the informal Question and Answer sessions and how genuine love for martial arts could be seen in each casual interaction. Sifu Kisu also revealed some details of an exciting new project that he is working on.

Sifu Kisu himself had this to say: “Chinese Martial Arts embody harmonized teaching and training techniques which serve as either self-defense, healing, psychological revelation, vivifying exercise, or a spiritual path, and could act as a catalyst to people who would normally not be interested in spiritual practices or other esoteric training. This knowledge changed me on so many levels that I have no words to explain. I went from a piece of tin to a bolder of gold
My life’s work now is the practice, teaching and promotion of the Northern Shaolin system of traditional Chinese martial arts. A while back I was engaged by one of my students (Bryan Konietzko) who worked for Nickelodeon as a consultant on their hit TV show Avatar: The Last Airbender.  Through that show I have attempted to promote the higher concepts of Martial Art virtues. I am proud to say this is the first show for young people that I had seen passing along the concepts of honor, duty, loyalty, friendship and harmony.

All in all it was a great weekend, and we hope to have him return to Colorado in the future.


Sifu Kisu took some time to visit Daisy Walsh and other kids at Children’s Hospital.











Sifu Kisu Flyer

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Ninja Mile To be September 12th

(Aurora, CO) – The Ninja Mile will be held on September 12th, 2015 at Rocky Ridge Park. It was originally scheduled for Aug 29th but had to be moved due to permitting issues with the city of Aurora.

Students can choose to complete various obstacles which result in bonuses that take time off the end. For instance, you can run across the finish line for your regular time, or do a flying side kick over the bonus finish line for 10 seconds off.

For more information or to register visit



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