2014 Lone Wolf Classic Results

(Denver, CO) The Lone Wolf Classic was held on March 1-2, 2014. It seems that it snows every year on the date of the annual KAT Tournament. This event was the largest yet, with over 360 competitors yielding over 730 event registrations. It was a good thing that the event was spaced out over two days. One of the highlights of the tournament was the new ‘junk weapons’ divisions, where competitors were forced to improvise self-defense scenarios out of everyday household objects. To see some examples, view videos posted on the Facebook Event Page.


Omar D. Blair students show off their hard-earned medals

Another highlight of the tournament was the addition of nicknames for many of the competitors. The tournament showed that martial arts is truly for everyone, with competitors ranging from a one year old in blaster pads to national champions in sparring.

More than 30 teams from across the state participated. Master Cliff Hong stated: “The members of APEX Taekwondo Academy in Colorado Springs had a very enjoyable event. Thanks to you and your staff for all of the hard work for putting on a large event. Looking forward to the next tournament.” Master Steve Marak of Martial Arts 4 Colorado similarly remarked “thanks all who made this event fun & exciting for my students. With the growing number of tournaments scheduled throughout the year, it has become increasingly difficult to choose which one(s) to support. Again, thank you very much. We look forward to 2015′!!


ALL’s champion demo team flies high

The demo team competition was one of the highlights this year, with 6 stellar teams competing for top honors. Master Kunkel’s ALL team took first, with USTC second and KAT/ATA third and another USTC team 4th.

This tournament was the third in the series that also contained the 2012 White Tiger Championships and the 2013 Twin Dragons Tournament. Several students who were victorious at those previous events were now able to create their own ‘super medals.’


The Glaze family shows of their completed tri-medals

The tournament also featured the final elementary schools league competition of the year. It was amazingly close between Aurora Quest Academy and Crescent View Academy, resulting in a statistical tie. Global Village Academy was third, High Point Academy was forth, and Omar D. Blair rounded out the top 5.

The Metropolitan Newspaper also ran a story on the event.


Mariam ‘Champion’ W from CVA executes a great flying side kick in the breaking competition.


Breaking competition

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Colorado State Taekwondo Championships

(Aurora, CO) The Colorado State Taekwondo Association (COSTA) held its annual state championships on March 15th at Hinkley High School. The event served as a qualifier for the USA Taekwondo National Championships which will be held over the 4th of July weekend. The event was well attended with athletes from dozens of schools comprising 411 different Event Registrations and a total of just under 286 competitors.

Competitors faced off in the traditional events of poomsae and Olympic style sparring, as well as many other events. There was blaster pad sparring, board breaking, pairs poomsae, family forms, weapons, team weapons, creative forms, etc. Many of these events did not qualify athletes to compete in the national championships, but were fun and valuable additions to the tournament nonetheless.


Many key figures from the history of CO TKD were in attendance. From Left. Grandmaster Doug Fuechsel, Master Chae, Master Georgie Martinez Sr, and Grandmaster Rich Hodder.

1979974_10203635022185954_58210594_o 10010623_10202944185738908_2035799386_oOne of the highlights of the tournament is the annual demonstration team competition. Academy of Life and Leadership Taekwondo (ALL) once again defended their title, edging out a Universal team that put up an impressive showing featuing blindfolded acrobatics. The Universal team had changed much of their correography after going over their time limit in the Lone Wolf Classic. Although Universal’s routine seemed the more complicated and difficult, ALL’s near flawless execution and mind-boggling synchronization proved to be too much to overcome.

COSTA also awarded $250 stipend checks to the Colorado athletes who made it on USAT National Teams. Joshua Kosloski (KAT) is on the cadet team, while Isaac Vigil (MYT) and Madelyn Gorman-Shore (ROCK) are on the Jr. National Team.

The opening ceremonies also featured a moment of silence for people we have lost recently, including Chris Lopez. Mr. Lopez was a fixture in Colorado Taekwondo for several decades. There was a collection taken for Master Barb Kunkel, who is currently fighting a hard battle against breast cancer.

COSTA also awarded trophies for the top schools. Due to the nature of this qualifying tournament, the number of competitors brought correlates closely with medals won. Third place went to Santos Taekwondo, second place went to last year’s winner Champion Taekwondo Academy, and the top award went to the Korean Academy of Taekwondo, who had also won the award from 2010-2012.

There were many indivudual performances at a high level, and some of them were represented in the annual awards. The top sparring awards went to Gibran Hays (Martinez) and Tia Day  while the top forms awards went to Angela De Olivera (CTA) and Aaron Turner (Santos). Tony Genella (Martinez) won the top referee award.

Although the tournament went a bit long, it was very well organized throughout and never felt hectic. Several schools came from other states, and were heard to remark that they will be back in the future. All in all it was a great day for Colorado Taekwondo, and the state seems well poised to represent in the US National Championships.


Top awards


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Lone Wolf Classic

8x11flier(Denver, CO) – Registration is now open for the 2014 Lone Wolf Classic. This is the third and final event in the Korean Academy of Taekwondo’s tournament series. Competitors will be able to complete their ‘super medal’ that they started with the White Tiger Championships and continued with the Twin Dragons Tournament.

This year the tournament will be held over two days, March 1st and 2nd.

The fill tournament packet and online registration is available at the main tournament page.

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COSTA Annual Meeting

As noted in our e.mail of last month, our annual COSTA meeting will be held on December 15 at 3:00 at the KAT Littleton Dojang (621 Southpark Drive, Suite 1100, Littleton, 80120). Here is the agenda for the meeting.

President’s report
Treasurer’s report
Report of other officers/directors (optional)
Election of referee director, coach director, athletes’ directors (2)
Election of officers
General business

Our records show the following eligible to vote:

The Rock

If your school has been inadvertently left off of the list of voting schools, please let me know immediately.
See you at the meeting.

Bob McKenna
COSTA President

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The Knockout Game

I first want to say that this is my first story and I meant to post it a few weeks ago but some things came up and I wasn’t able to post on time like I wanted to but, I hope everyone likes this.

Sorry, my thoughts are kind of all over the place with this topic but I feel that this is something good that we as the martial arts community should know and discuss about. So there’s this new game that the kids are playing and it’s known as the “Knockout” game. Let me give a quick back story on how this “game” goes. Group of people are walking around and one person dares another to find some random person and tries to knock them out with one punch…..that’s it…..that’s the whole purpose of that so called game. So this new fad just started to become popular with among the kids when it started to get a lot of views on youtube and world star hip hop. Now don’t get me wrong I like watching knockout fights on youtube, BUT all of the knockout fights that I watch tend to be from the sporting realm i.e.; boxing, kickboxing, mma and other sports that everybody involved knows the risk of the sport. But the events that are going on in the middle of pure daylight are just crazy.

Like I stated earlier in the article, it didn’t really taking off into other areas until they started to get posted up on youtube and world star hip hop. But now there are even cases of people dying because of this stupid act. One case was, a school teacher in New York (where it originated) at was walking on the side of a building look at his phone minding business, and was unexpectedly attacked. I just don’t understand it. I was a teenager once and to be honest I’m still fairly young (early 20’s), and I have never been hanging around a group of friends thinking; let’s see if we can knock somebody out. Now there are people that are getting word of what is going on and protecting them; for instance, there was a group of kids wanting to play this “game” and attack an elderly lady and one of the kids had to place in his chest. Yes that child is no longer here but the rest of the friends in the group, now know and understand that there’s a consequence for their actions.

Let me finish with this; I talked to one of my instructor and wanted to get his thoughts on the situation. He told me, that he would run through those kids until each one of them was on the floor, knowing that they can’t come after him. As he was saying this I was thinking, that I would do the same thing because I value my life a little bit more than a group of kids that want to play a game that could harm me, without giving me a chance to defend myself. But anyways that’s just my thought on everything about this topic, what do you all think, I’d love to hear it.

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Results and Analysis from 2013 Colorado Elementary School Taekwondo League Fall Championships

(Aurora, CO) – The Colorado Elementary School Taekwondo League held its fall championships on November 9th at the Korean Academy of Taekwondo. The event featured several schools competing in five events (Forms, Sparring, Grappling, Breaking, and Short Demo) Students who earned gold medals received 3 points for their schools, students who earned silver received 2 points for their schools, and students who earned bronze received one point for their schools. Students who earned 4th place and higher got 0.5 points for participation. In some events two students both received bronze and thus both received a point for their teams.


A student prepares for forms competition

The league has grown in popularity and competitiveness, especially among the top 3 teams. The points from the fall championships are added to those earned at the Lone Wolf Classic in the spring to determine the league champion. The 2011-2012 champion was Aurora Quest, and the 2012-2013 champion was Global Village Academy (GVA). Currently, Crescent View Academy (CVA) leads the pack with 83 points. There are only 0.5 points ahead of Aurora Quest who has 82.5. The results show a big jump over last year’s champioinships, where GVA took the lead with 44 points. Leading the league this year is almost twice as hard as it was last year. For comparison see the Fall 2012 Championships results.


CVA Coach Kamil Latipov with his daughter Laila, who earned gold in breaking in a very competitive division. It was her first tournament.

Master Bill Pottle believes that the way the league is set up encourages the teams to be strategic with how they train and allocate their resources. Although each school has adult instructors, team captains (usually older or higher ranked students) can play a big role in preparing their respective schools.  “It’s a little bit like Ender’s Game, although on a much smaller scale, and without worrying about the future of the universe. A good martial artist should understand strategy, and there is no teacher like experience.Adam Mohammed, CVA Team captain stated: “Our team trains hard and we sacrifice a lot of our time for the sport of Taekwondo.

With 83 points from 50 medals, Crescent View Academy has to be excited about how they started off the season and about their potential for the future. This was the first time that they have come out on top in a league championship. With 27 points in sparring, they also had the most dominant performance of any team in any one event.  At 82.5 points on 35 medals, Aurora Quest has to feel pretty good about their chances as well. They defeated CVA in all their head to head matches in forms, grappling, and sparring and are nearly in first despite entering 15 fewer events. 3rd place Global Village Academy has to be disappointed with only taking away only 38 points, although they demonstrated some great skill. Taylor Altman‘s Koryo form wowed the


CVA students celebrate their first place finish at a promotion test the week after the tournament.

judges and spectators, and it was easy to see why she placed third in the 2013 US National Championships. High Point Academy emerged with 26 points. The Huskeys have been a solid forth place in the league over the years, winning numerous medals but unable to catch the top three teams.

The demo team competition was close, with GVA’s Bullies vs Heroes skit barely losing out to Quest’s Zombies vs Heroes skit. Quest had good costumes and correography and ended the event by taking the 15 first place points.

With the top teams so close, it is hard to predict how the league will finish this year, besides the likelihood that CVA and Quest will both battle for first and second. It’s not over for the other teams, but the top two will be very hard to catch.

The league has the feel of being more important than just a tournament, bringing so many different families and cultures together. Despite fierce competition, it is clear that everyone there is a martial artist first and they put their honor, discipline, and respect above winning and losing.


Full standings and breakdown of medals between CVA and Quest.


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Results from Colorado Cup Taekwondo Championships

(Littleton, CO) – Littleton Taekwondo and Master Marcus Santos hosted the 2013 Colorado Cup Taekwondo championships on November 16th at the Sheridan Rec Center. More than 150 athletes from over twenty schools faced off in the forms, breaking, and Olympic sparring events. Athletes came from Colorado, Texas, and New Mexico. The event had the support of the Colorado State Taekwondo Association as well as Daedo Truescore.


Students wait patiently for their turn at the forms competition.


CTA Poses with the First Place Trophy. Photo Credit: Kara Photography.


Daedo Sparring Action

Great care was taken to make sure athletes had a worthwhile competitive experience. This included everyone doing multiple forms as well as three rounds of sparring per match for all participants.

The tournament featured competitors of all levels, from white belt beginners up to a US Collegiate National Team member.

Master Santos awarded team trophies to the top schools who had the most participants and earned the most medals. The first place cup went to Champion Taekwondo Academy (CTA). The second place cup went to Eagle Spirit Academy (ESA) while third place honors went to Master Yosvany Taekwondo Academy (MYT).

The sparring featured Daedo Electronic Chest Protectors, which automatically sense kicking force and send a signal to the scoreboard. Students were able to spar in their divisions, and many were also able to spar extra demo matches afterwards.

After the tournament Master Santos said: “Great tournament today! Thank you masters, coaches, referees, volunteers and participants, hope to see you all again next year!

The next tournament up on the schedule is the COSTA Forms Championships on December 7th. The proceeds from this event will benefit the Colorado State Team at the US Open in Feb, 2014.

Master RJ Tomas from KAT earned first place in the black belt board breaking division with this routine.



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First Taekwondo Audiobook Released on Audible/Amazon

(Aurora, CO) Taekwondo: A Practical Guide to the World’s Most Popular Martial Art, an ebook that spends most of its time on the Amazon Martial Arts Top 100 Bestseller list, has recently become the first Taekwondo audiobook on Audible/Amazon.com. The book was professionally translated by Adam B Crafter of Need to Know Sound Productions.


Audiobook Cover Image

The book was written by Masters Bill and Katie Pottle, owners of the Korean Academy of Taekwondo in Aurora, CO. Their school has worked with students of all ages and abilities, from 2-year-olds to Olympians to senior citizens.

The audiobook contains sections on kicks, forms, one steps, history and philosophy, mechanics of board breaking, increasing power and speed, sport poomsae, pain theory, deceptive motions, tables of chambers, and much more.

Because Master Bill is also the editor of Colorado Martial Arts News, we won’t be offering a review here. However, the book currently has a rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Interested readers may purchase the audiobook here.

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Rocky Mountain Collegiate Taekwondo League Fall Championships

(Greely, CO) – Five schools vied for top honors in the Rocky Mountain Collegiate Taekwondo league’s Fall 2013 championships. The tournament was hosted by the UNC Taekwondo club and marked the first time that they had run an event. The event received coverage in the campus newspaper.

League rules designate two forms of competition, forms and sparring. In the forms competition, students perform prearranged patterns in an attempt to attain a certain technical standard. Forms competitors are broken up into two gender divisions and five skill divisions. (White/yellow belts, green belts, blue belts, red belts, and black belts.) Points vary from fifteen points for first place in black belt to one point for third place in yellow belts.


Action in Men’s C Team Sparring

The sparring competition features students who try to kick and punch each other in the body to earn one point and (sometimes) kick in the head to earn three points. Spinning techniques earn an additional bonus point. There are twenty four sparring divisions broken up by weight (4 divisions) gender (2 divisions) and skill (3 divisions). The lowest skill division is the C team or ‘developmental’ division. This division is open only to green belts and below and has matches with no head contact. The next division is the B team or ‘jr varsity.’ This division is open to all students except black belts, and they have light head contact. The final division is A team or ‘varsity.’ This division is open to all levels but has full head contact. This division generally attracts only black belts.

In the men’s A team sparring, Alan Walls (ACT) took the flyweight division. The featherweight division was very competitive, with Iraq National Team member Ahmed Alsubaihawi (ACT) earning top honors. Alsubaihawi continued his RMCTL unbeaten streak and was fresh off representing Colorado at the World Championships. The welterweight division was owned by Cameron Carter (CU Boulder) who looked strong through several matches. The A team heavyweight division belonged to Cameron Weber (CSU). Weber showed tremendous skill and control. He was fresh off representing the USA as a member of the National Collegiate Taekwondo Team on their trip to Korea during the summer.


CU Boulder team celebrates after the tournament

There were no entrants in women’s A team flyweight division, and the featherweight division went to Lydia Langille (ACT). Heather Gibson (ACT) defeated Brittany Hayward (CSU) in the women’s welterweight finals. Freshman Sarah Mast (CSU) took gold in women’s A team heavyweight.

The CSU team stormed to its best ever 2nd place finish behind coach Cameron Weber. He also won first in black belt forms, and put himself in solid contention for league MVP honors. After seeing the results he had this to say about his team’s efforts. “I am extremely proud of the CSU Taekwondo team! This has been a building year and placing second in this tournament is a great accomplishment, especially considering we only had six competitors. Each team member represented CSU well and we are excited to improve the team and further develop our skills.

The tournament also featured newcomers Community College of Aurora (CCA), who had a very respectable showing despite being a new program and only having C team competitors.


UNC Taekwondo team poses after running a successful event.

UNC student Olivia Johnstone served as tournament coordinator, and did an excellent job keeping everything together.

Auraria Campus Taekwondo (ACT) continued their unbeaten streak in RMCTL competition, cruising to first place despite fielding a smaller team than usual. The league champion will be crowned after the points are added to the points earned in the spring tournament.

All in all the event provided a much-needed break from studding and resulted in many new friendships.

Team Totals:

ACT: 173 points

CSU: 88 points

CU Boulder: 69 points

UNC: 32 points

CCA: 28 points

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