Colorado Cup Taekwondo Championships

Medal from the Colorado Cup Championships

Littleton, CO – Master Marcus Santos and Littleton Taekwondo hosted the Colorado Cup Championships here on September 15th, 2012. The venue was the beautiful Ridge Rec Center.

The tournament featured competition in traditional forms, board breaking, and Olympic Style Sparring with the Daedo electonic scoring system. About 120 competitors came from across Colorado and New Mexico in order to participate.

The sparring format was different than most tournaments, due to the large number of ‘demo matches.’ This meant that competitors were allowed to match up against several opponents who might be a different size, belt, weight, or even gender.Head contact was reduced in order to make this safe.

“In a local tournament, we are really looking more for our athletes to gain sparring experience rather than just getting a medal. This tournament was great for us, because most of our athletes had three or four matches.” said Master Bill Pottle of the Korean Academy of Taekwondo.

At the black belt level, the tournament featured several top level athletes including Sara Fossum (US Collegiate Team Member), Aaron Turner (2012 US Heavyweight National Champion), Cameron Weber (2012 US Middleweight Silver Medalist), Joshua Kosloski (2012 AAU Cadet National Team Member) and Ahmed Alsubaihawi (Iraq National Team Member). There were also numerous CO State Team Members and Rocky Mountain Collegiate Taekwondo League Champions.

The tournament also gave $100 cash prizes to the top sparring athletes not from the host school. The prizes were won by:

Ahmed A with Master Andre and Master Santos

Ahmed Alsubaihawi (KAT – Men’s Black Belt), Alyssa Roseman (A Team Women’s Black Belt) Joshua Kosloski (KAT – Boy’s Black Belt) and Grace Kosloski (KAT Girl’s Black Belt)

Four schools also won the ‘best school award’. The winners were Champion Taekwondo (New Mexico) Korean Academy of Taekwondo, A Team Taekwondo, and Champion Taekwondo Academy.





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