Lunch for the Homeless

Black Belt Service Project for Yilun Parkhouse-Song

For my service project I organized donations for lunches for homeless people. I also organized a group of people to make sandwiches, pack the lunches, and go downtown to hand the lunches out to the homeless on November 13th, 2016.  The lunches had a ham and cheese sandwich, granola bar, chips and a bottle of water. There were about 30 people who helped. Some only helped pack and make the lunches and some only helped pass out the lunches to the homeless people. We made about 130 lunches for the homeless. I was very surprised when I saw how many homeless people there were along the streets near the Samaritan House. There were easily more than 100 homeless people along the streets. The homeless people were very thankful when we gave them the lunches.  I felt happy that the homeless got some food and some water.

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