The Open Colorado Cup Tournament on December 16th emerged as an unparalleled success!

The Open Colorado Cup Tournament on December 16th emerged as an unparalleled success, captivating the martial arts community with its diverse events, including olympic sparring, grappling, forms, and board breaking. Eighteen formidable Colorado martial arts teams engaged in intense competition, creating an atmosphere celebrated for its warmth and camaraderie.
Gold medalist Laraa from Golden Taekwondo extended a recommendation to all, emphasizing the tournament’s appeal. Gratitude was extended to USAT/COSTA and AAU judges, along with coaches, for their collective effort in elevating the tournament to a high standard. In a thrilling conclusion, Warriors Martial Arts claimed first place, True Martial Arts from Colorado Springs secured second, and International Taekwondo from Arvada earned a well-deserved third place, solidifying the Open Colorado Cup’s status as a premier martial arts event.
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Excitement Builds for Open Colorado Cup Tournament on December 16 in Aurora, CO

Get ready to witness the thrilling return of the Open Colorado Cup Tournament on December 16 in Aurora, CO, hosted by the renowned Warriors Martial Arts. Known for its successful track record, this tournament series promises another day of engaging martial arts action and camaraderie.

Participants and spectators alike can look forward to a day filled with fun and competition. The event, characterized by its vibrant atmosphere, has consistently been a hit within the martial arts community. From novice competitors to seasoned practitioners, the Open Colorado Cup welcomes participants of all levels, fostering a sense of inclusivity and shared passion.

As a testament to the achievements of the competitors, the tournament boasts beautiful medals for individual accomplishments, grand champion trophies for the top performers, and team trophies to celebrate collective excellence. These coveted awards not only recognize skill but also symbolize the dedication and hard work invested by each participant.

Whether you’re a martial arts enthusiast, a supportive parent, or a curious spectator, the Open Colorado Cup offers an opportunity to witness the essence of martial arts in action. Save the date for December 16, and join us in celebrating the spirit of competition, sportsmanship, and the thriving martial arts community that the Open Colorado Cup has come to represent.

Registration deadline: December 13th. Secure your spot by registering online at

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The Best Native Of Tajikistan

The secret of the success of the Tajik coach Komil Latipov

Tajik coach Komil Latipov is perhaps the best native of Tajikistan, a mentor in the United States, whose wards have consistently achieved high results and continue to do so at every possible level.

Dushanbe, Tajikistan August 2023-

In the state of Colorado (USA), a well-known Tajik athlete Komil Latipov has been living and working as a taekwon-do coach for a long time, and also has his own sports club in Denver. He is one of the few Tajiks who managed to establish themselves in the United States of America. He managed to realize his talent in another country and still achieves high results together with his wards.

He left to study in America in early 2005. Initially, he did not make plans to become a coach, everything changed after Comil spoke at the New York and Colorado championships. He showed good results, he was noticed, the state sports authorities offered him the post of coach of the junior team. After some time, he opened his own sports club in the capital of Colorado.

Well, the path of Komil Latipov from the beginning of his sports career to success in the United States of America in the coaching field was not easy. He put in a lot of effort to achieve results and prove himself.

A good athlete is a good coach

It’s no secret that a good athlete does not always make a good coach. There are a lot of such examples in Tajik sports. But this does not apply to Komil Latipov, who was a great fighter and has now become a successful mentor. What is the secret of success? Luck? Luck? Education? The answer is simple – everything in general.

In his coaching staff at the sports club, there are consistently nine to ten coaches who are engaged in activities aimed at instilling a love for sports in children and young people.

– People come to us with pleasure to practice, and different sports, not only taekwon-do (WT), because the stable and serious work of our coaches gives results, Masha Allah, and everyone wants to learn this or that sport. Of course, I myself give a lot of time not only to office work, but also to classes with the wards.

What is the secret of success? Me and my coaches in the gym go through a lot of seminars, advanced training courses and trainings aimed at improving knowledge in different sports. I train and train myself, – says Komil Latipov in an interview with

According to him, the coach is engaged in self-education, goes to seminars, takes exams. Without it, nowhere.

Each ward is like a king!
– Sports in the modern world are developing with great force, the rules are changing, approaches and strategies are being updated, and you need to know all this. At the same time, we treat each student, and we have more than 200 of them, with reverence, each approach is individual, each ward with us is like a king!
Al-Hamdu li-Llah, we are doing everything so that children fall in love with sports, so that they systematically go towards their goals, solve problems – this is the main secret of success. Therefore, we have the best results at various levels. Also, the key to success is the atmosphere that reigns in training and classes with us, – says Latipov.
At the same time, the mentor has a very difficult and busy working day. According to him, it starts at 7.30 and ends at 8 pm. And so six days a week. And on Sunday there is also office work.
– You have to pay attention to everything, there are a lot of worries and things to do. To achieve a result, it is important to be flexible, try to keep up with everything and everything. I want to note that I myself learned a lot from my coaches, who played a big role in my development – these are Mirsaid Yakhyaev, Ismatullo Khodjaev, Bill Pottle. Many thanks to my friend and brother Sukhrob Raufzoda for their support.
And, of course, I am grateful to the Almighty for my father Ismatullo Latipov, who always supported me and helped me in everything.
I am very grateful to my relatives, family, friends for their support. Without all of you, I would not be who I am. Of course, such support and experience that you get from mentors always play a role in the work of a coach, – our interlocutor noted.
Coach’s Pride
Komil Latipov entered the sport at the age of 11. I tried myself in various types of martial arts, but taekwon-do eventually became the meaning of life.
– I was born and raised in Dushanbe. After graduating from the 14th school, he entered the Tajik National University at the Faculty of Law. He started playing sports at the age of 11. Most of all I was interested in sambo and kickboxing, and then I began to seriously engage in taekwon-do. He became a repeated winner and prize-winner of the national championship, as well as a number of international tournaments.
In particular, among my achievements was the second place at the Central Asian Games in 2003, playing for the national team of Tajikistan. But now I am more proud of my students. I am proud of the players who win prizes not only in US open tournaments, but also in other major international competitions.
In 2013 I got married. Before that, they had known my wife Gulnoza for about two years, at one time my sister introduced me to her. My soulmate has nothing to do with sports, but he has a very positive attitude towards it. She, of course, was ready for the fact that I spend most of my time in the gym, and for a long time I train not in Tajikistan, but in the USA. My students and I go to various competitions not only in the States, but also in Latin America. She supports me in every possible way and treats my occupation with understanding and respect.

About the start of coaching

Komil Latipov left for Colorado in 2005, and the main reason for leaving was to continue his studies in the States.

– Went to Denver (Colorado) to study, while continuing to practice taekwon-do. When I left Tajikistan, my family and friends were sympathetic, because I planned to return in a year. But after the expiration of this time, I told my family that I wanted to stay in the USA.

They didn’t want to let me go for a long time. Now I come to Dushanbe every year and visit my relatives and friends. In the USA, in addition to my studies, I began to take an active part in various competitions.

In particular, he won the Colorado state championship, became the winner and prize-winner of open tournaments of other states and the US championship. I did not make plans to become a coach, everything changed after I successfully performed at the New York and Colorado championships. After that, sponsors appeared who supported me. And then I opened a sports club in the state, – says Latipov.

About dreams
Komil Latipov also spoke about his cherished dream in his career.
– First of all, the most important thing for me is the success of my students in various tournaments. There are many competitions ahead and we will try to achieve good results in them.
In addition, I want as many of my students as possible to join the national team and fight for Olympic qualifications. I dream that one day my student will win the gold of the Olympics, – said the coach.
Komil Latipov
Born August 26, 1985
Black belt, 4th dan.
Colorado Champion (2008, 2009, 2011)
New York State Championship silver medalist (2005)
Champion of Tajikistan (2004, 2003)
Silver medalist of the Central Asian Games (2003)
Silver medalist of Iranian Open Championship (2002)
Silver medalist of the championship of Tajikistan (1998)
Champion of the open championship Dushanbe (1998)
Bronze medalist of the open championship of Tajikistan (1997)
Champion of Tajikistan in kickboxing (1996).

By Aleksey Korchagin (Translated from google)

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Warriors Martial Arts Students Make History at USAT and AAU National Championships

(Florida USA July 2-10)

The Warriors Martial Arts Elite Team made history last week, winning a total of 8 medals at the USAT and AAU National Championships in Jacksonville and Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Five students won Gold medals, becoming national champions: Muhammad Ali Sardar, Andrei Haurylau, Nour Hamed, Jane Nazarova, and Siddiq Furqan. Jessica Bailey and Talia Witherspoon won Bronze medals.

The competition was fierce, with over 4,000 participants from 45 states, 5 countries, and over 900 coaches. The Warriors team trained hard for months in preparation for the event, and their hard work paid off.
The team’s coaches, Komil Latipov, Matt Bailey, Farhod Negmatov, and Azim Gholami, are proud of their students’ accomplishments. “We are so proud of our students,” said Latipov. “They worked hard and they deserve this success.”

The Warriors Martial Arts Team is a family-oriented team that is committed to helping students of all ages achieve their goals. The team’s success at the national championships is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the students, coaches, and parents.

Congratulations to the Warriors Martial Arts Team on their amazing accomplishment!

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Summer camp is a great way for kids to have fun, learn new skills, and make new friends. There are summer camps for all interests, from sports to arts to nature.

Great News for kids and parents in Aurora! SUMMER CAMP in Aurora is going to be here soon!

Get ready for an incredible deal! If you want the best summer camp for your awesome child, you can save your child’s spot right now for only $30!
We are now accepting new students ages 5-12 who love being active and having fun!

As a parent, you are going to absolutely LOVE this FUN, SAFE, and most importantly, CLEAN summer camp!

And speaking of clean…
Imagine how much FUN your child is going to have each day in camp while making new friends and participating in all of the awesome activities below!

Check out this list!
• Martial Arts classes!
• Tumbling classes!
• Soccer!
• Basketball!
• Baseball!
• Flag Football!
• Educational Activities!
• Lego building Stations!
• Arts and crafts!
• Video games!
• Bounce Houses!

As a parent like you, we take great pride in having a safe and clean summer camp where your child is going to learn how to set and reach his/her goals!
We also know how important it is for you to know that your child is in a safe and bully-free camp.

What about our staff? All of our awesome coaches are fully background screened and have been trained to make sure your child’s experience is amazing!
Visit our website and learn more about our hours and special tuition rates!

BONUS: Your child is going to get a FREE Martial Arts uniform valued at $80 when you join! (Good for first 10 kids only!)
We love answering your questions! We are happy and ready to chat with you right now! Feel free to call or text (720) 400-0023 😀

We are the BEST! Served hundreds of children in the Aurora community for the last 16 years!
Our rating with the better business bureau is an A+ and all of our coaches have been properly trained, level 2 background checked, and approved by the state of Colorado to work with children!
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Open Colorado Cup Tournament

(Aurora, CO) –Over 150 top martial artists from across the state competed in the Open Colorado Cup Tournament on Saturday, May 20, 2023. The event was held at the Warriors Martial Arts Academy in Aurora, CO.
Thanks to the competitors and special guests, the school’s owner, Master Kamil Latipov said, “We would like to thank everyone who came out to support our annual tournament. It was a great day of competition and fun for everyone involved. We would also like to thank our special guests for taking the time to attend. Your presence was greatly appreciated.”

The tournament featured events in Olympic Sparring, Grappling, Wrestling, Forms, Demo, and Board breaking. In the sparring competition, competitors were divided into weight classes and fought in a single-elimination format. The winners of each weight class advanced to the finals, where they competed for the overall championship.

In the forms competition, competitors performed a pre-determined set of movements in a set order. The judges scored the competitors on their accuracy, speed, and power. The winner of the forms competition was the competitor who received the highest score from the judges.

The board breaking competition was a crowd favorite. Competitors broke boards of various thicknesses with their hands, feet, and head. The winner of the board breaking competition was the competitor who broke the most boards in the shortest amount of time.
The demo team winners were the Academy of Life and Leadership Demo Team from Colorado Springs. The team performed a variety of martial arts techniques, including kicks, punches, throws, and blocks. The team’s performance was met with loud applause from the crowd.

The special guests at the tournament were world-renowned martial artists, 2000 Olympian and GM Sabumnim Barb Kunkel and Master Bill Pottle (Author). 2x World Champion Azam Khakirov 2nd degree black belt in BJJ, and coach Farhod Negmatov 2012 Oympian. The four masters gave demonstrations of their skills, and they also answered questions from the audience.

The 2023 Open Colorado Cup Tournament was a great success. The event was well-organized, and the competitors and spectators had a great time. The tournament was a great way to showcase the skills of the martial artists in the community, and it was also a great way to promote martial arts to the public.
Congratulations to Warriors Martial Arts and Eagle Martial Arts GTA for winning the championship second and third team standings, and a special congrats to Academy of Life and Leadership Taekwondo for taking first place!

Here are some additional details about the tournament:
• The tournament was open to martial artists of all ages and skill levels.
• Tajikistan national team members were participating at the tournament
• The athletes came from all over the state to compete with overall 16 teams.
• The tournament was sponsored by CEO of KAVKAZ EXPRESS Ruslan Shamanov
The Warriors Martial Arts tournament’s is an annual event that is held in May. The tournament is a great opportunity for martial artists to compete against each other and to improve their skills. The tournament is also a great way to promote martial arts to the community.

Participating team:
Warriors Martial Arts
Academy of Life and Leadership Taekwondo
GTA Eagle Martial Arts GTA
Universal Taekwondo
Han Lee’s Taekwondo Academy
ALL Citadel Martial Arts
Joe Shoemaker Warriors
Reunion TKD
Korean Academy of Taekwondo
NFT Team
MSU Denver Taekwondo
Zee’s Institute of Taekwondo
Tajikistan National Team
Farhorizon Martial Arts at Montessori del Mundo
Tiger Kims Taekwondo Academy
CVA Warriors MA

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2022 Colorado State Open Championships

(Aurora, CO) –The Warriors Martial Arts hosted the 2022 Colorado State Open Championships in Aurora CO on December 10th, 2022.  The majority of the athletes were from Colorado, but we also had Farhod Negmatov, an Olympian from London Olympic Games, and members of the Tajikistan national team as guests.

The 2022 Colorado State Open Championships is part of a series that includes Lone Wolf Classic. We had over 100 competitors from 13 different schools and programs participate. There were many amazing sparring matches, grappling matches, board breaks and more. It was particularly great to have demo team performances, the Pueblo Strong Taekwondo, and Reunion TKD performing. “I could not be more proud of my students competing today at the Colorado Open Tournament hosted by Warrior’s Martial Arts! They were respectful, earned some medals, learned some important lessons, and most importantly had lots of fun! Thank you Master Kamil Latipov!!”-Said Alex Clary Head of Reunion TKD

Congratulations to Pueblo Strong Team and Gonzales TKD team for winning the championship second and third team standings..and a special congrats to Warriors MA for taking first place!

Sparring was the most popular event, especially in the color belt divisions due to the fact that students didn’t need to purchase Daedo E-socks. There were many fierce matches from black belt on down. “Since there aren’t many tournaments in CO, this is a great competition for athletes there. Our Warriors MA crew gained a lot of experience from it..” Said Kamil Latipov- head of Warriors MA Team

The competition featured 10 events in total – Traditional Forms, Team Traditional Forms, Team Creative Forms, Weapons Forms, Junk Weapons, Totem Forms, Blaster Pad Sparring, Olympic Sparring  Free Grappling. “I had a terrific experience competing; my competitor team and I are happy to be here after putting in a lot of effort to prepare for this event.” Said Elisa Strickler Gold medalist.

There was a wide variety of competitors in attendance, with ages ranging from 3 to over 65, and skills ranging from high international caliber to special needs. The tournament also formed the fall meeting in the Colorado K-12 League 2022-2023 Season, with Crescent View Academy taking top honors.

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2021 Open Colorado Schools Tournament Results

(Aurora, CO) – The Warriors Martial Arts hosted the 2021 Open Colorado Schools Tournament at Crescent View Academy in December 11th .

Although most of the competitors were from Colorado, the event drew athletes from Chicago, Arizona and Iowa. 2021 Open Colorado Schools Tournament is part of a series that includes the White Tiger Championship and Lone Wolf Classic Tournament. 

Students earn one piece, or shard, of a medal in each event and then can connect them together to form a super medal if they place in events 3 years in a row.

Our fighters did awesome job. We are first time in CO for such a great event. I’m surprised my students performed its excellent in high altitude state.” Said Artur Gasanov- head of Fit and Fight team from Chicago IL and 2x world Muy Thai Champion.

Sparring was the most popular event, especially in the color belt divisions due to the fact that students didn’t need to purchase Daedo socks. There were many fierce matches from black belt on down. “I’m impressed of my students how they are growing quickly and getting better especially in Olympic sparring and grappling.” Said Kamil Latipov- head of Warriors MA Team

The highlight of the tournament was at end with friendly MMA fights with students from different schools. Warriors Marital Arts and CVA WARRIORS , lead by Master Kamil Latipov brought a large team, and took first place in both the Championship and Team competitions.

The competition featured 4 events in total – Traditional Forms, Blaster Pad Sparring, Olympic Sparring and Free Grappling. There was a wide variety of competitors in attendance, with ages ranging from 3 to over 70, and skills ranging from high international caliber to special needs.

The tournament also formed the final meeting in the Colorado K12 League 2020-2021 Season, with Crescent View Academy taking top honors. Overall Team standings: 1. Warriors Martial Arts (CVA), CO 2. FIT and FIGHT TEAM, Chicago IL 3. Mireau Martial Arts, Arizona 4. 3. Eagle Martial Arts, CO

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CO TKD Warriors 2019 Nationals Results

Students from Colorado Taekwondo Warriors school recently attended the AAU National championships in Florida. Coaches taking the team included Komiljon Latipov, Daler Latipov, and 2012 Olympian Alisher Gulov. The team also received amazing sponsorship from local trucking company Kavkaz Express

The tournament featured many large and competitive divisions. Some students had to proceed through 4 matches – just to earn a Bronze medal. The team earned 3 medals total. Coach Daler remarked “Congratulations to our warriors, on a very solid performance in the toughest tournament here in the US, everybody worked really hard for this tournament.” The results were particularly good considering that most of the team had only attended a few tournaments before, and only three of them had ever competed at the national level before.

 For questions or to join the team contact Kamil Latipov at (720) 400-0023















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2019 US Open Hanmadang Results

(Colorado Springs, CO) – Over 1,100 participants descended on Colorado Springs for the 11th annual US Open Taekwondo Hanmadang July 25-27th. Participants ranged in ages from 4 to 83 and came from dozens of states and countries. A Hanmadang is a ‘martial arts festival’ and there are many different events, like forms, breaking, family forms, demonstrations, etc. There are no sport combat (sparring or grappling) events.  The event also served as the Taekwondo portion of the 2019 Rocky Mountain State Games. This means that all first place winners also qualified to participate in the 2019 State Games of America.  

Master Katie Pottle (KAT) and Grandmaster Doug Fuechsel (ProTKD) took home the women’s and men’s grand champion trophies for archery/knives.

Thursday started off with archery and knife throwing events in the Cheyenne Mountain Archery Range. The highlight was definitely the Dynamic Archery event, a 30+ minute race through the mountains where participants had to hit 18 different targets with only reusing one arrow. Thursday also featured numerous seminars as well as committee meetings.

Friday featured the most difficult division, the Championship Demo Team competition. White Tiger Martial Arts from Mill Creek, WA took home the top honors, and a coveted spot to perform at the opening ceremonies with the world famous Keimyung University Taekwondo Demo Team. 

Saturday featured many more events, such as recreational demo team, knife hand breaking, spin hook kick breaking, family forms, individual breaking, etc. 

There was also many special guests, including members of the Korean Parliament and former US Ambassador Chris Hill. One of the guests, Grandmaster Dong Sup Lee, is a 9th Dan who sponsored the bill to make Taekwondo the official national sport of Korea.

USTC President and US Open Hanmadang founder Grandmaster Sang Lee and Grandmaster Y K Kim flank Grandmaster DS Lee as he receives an award.

In the future, the tournament will alternate every other year with a combined USTC trip to Korea. You can see many more videos and pictures on the official Facebook page or you can view the complete results online. 

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