The Best Native Of Tajikistan

The secret of the success of the Tajik coach Komil Latipov

Tajik coach Komil Latipov is perhaps the best native of Tajikistan, a mentor in the United States, whose wards have consistently achieved high results and continue to do so at every possible level.

Dushanbe, Tajikistan August 2023-

In the state of Colorado (USA), a well-known Tajik athlete Komil Latipov has been living and working as a taekwon-do coach for a long time, and also has his own sports club in Denver. He is one of the few Tajiks who managed to establish themselves in the United States of America. He managed to realize his talent in another country and still achieves high results together with his wards.

He left to study in America in early 2005. Initially, he did not make plans to become a coach, everything changed after Comil spoke at the New York and Colorado championships. He showed good results, he was noticed, the state sports authorities offered him the post of coach of the junior team. After some time, he opened his own sports club in the capital of Colorado.

Well, the path of Komil Latipov from the beginning of his sports career to success in the United States of America in the coaching field was not easy. He put in a lot of effort to achieve results and prove himself.

A good athlete is a good coach

It’s no secret that a good athlete does not always make a good coach. There are a lot of such examples in Tajik sports. But this does not apply to Komil Latipov, who was a great fighter and has now become a successful mentor. What is the secret of success? Luck? Luck? Education? The answer is simple – everything in general.

In his coaching staff at the sports club, there are consistently nine to ten coaches who are engaged in activities aimed at instilling a love for sports in children and young people.

– People come to us with pleasure to practice, and different sports, not only taekwon-do (WT), because the stable and serious work of our coaches gives results, Masha Allah, and everyone wants to learn this or that sport. Of course, I myself give a lot of time not only to office work, but also to classes with the wards.

What is the secret of success? Me and my coaches in the gym go through a lot of seminars, advanced training courses and trainings aimed at improving knowledge in different sports. I train and train myself, – says Komil Latipov in an interview with

According to him, the coach is engaged in self-education, goes to seminars, takes exams. Without it, nowhere.

Each ward is like a king!
– Sports in the modern world are developing with great force, the rules are changing, approaches and strategies are being updated, and you need to know all this. At the same time, we treat each student, and we have more than 200 of them, with reverence, each approach is individual, each ward with us is like a king!
Al-Hamdu li-Llah, we are doing everything so that children fall in love with sports, so that they systematically go towards their goals, solve problems – this is the main secret of success. Therefore, we have the best results at various levels. Also, the key to success is the atmosphere that reigns in training and classes with us, – says Latipov.
At the same time, the mentor has a very difficult and busy working day. According to him, it starts at 7.30 and ends at 8 pm. And so six days a week. And on Sunday there is also office work.
– You have to pay attention to everything, there are a lot of worries and things to do. To achieve a result, it is important to be flexible, try to keep up with everything and everything. I want to note that I myself learned a lot from my coaches, who played a big role in my development – these are Mirsaid Yakhyaev, Ismatullo Khodjaev, Bill Pottle. Many thanks to my friend and brother Sukhrob Raufzoda for their support.
And, of course, I am grateful to the Almighty for my father Ismatullo Latipov, who always supported me and helped me in everything.
I am very grateful to my relatives, family, friends for their support. Without all of you, I would not be who I am. Of course, such support and experience that you get from mentors always play a role in the work of a coach, – our interlocutor noted.
Coach’s Pride
Komil Latipov entered the sport at the age of 11. I tried myself in various types of martial arts, but taekwon-do eventually became the meaning of life.
– I was born and raised in Dushanbe. After graduating from the 14th school, he entered the Tajik National University at the Faculty of Law. He started playing sports at the age of 11. Most of all I was interested in sambo and kickboxing, and then I began to seriously engage in taekwon-do. He became a repeated winner and prize-winner of the national championship, as well as a number of international tournaments.
In particular, among my achievements was the second place at the Central Asian Games in 2003, playing for the national team of Tajikistan. But now I am more proud of my students. I am proud of the players who win prizes not only in US open tournaments, but also in other major international competitions.
In 2013 I got married. Before that, they had known my wife Gulnoza for about two years, at one time my sister introduced me to her. My soulmate has nothing to do with sports, but he has a very positive attitude towards it. She, of course, was ready for the fact that I spend most of my time in the gym, and for a long time I train not in Tajikistan, but in the USA. My students and I go to various competitions not only in the States, but also in Latin America. She supports me in every possible way and treats my occupation with understanding and respect.

About the start of coaching

Komil Latipov left for Colorado in 2005, and the main reason for leaving was to continue his studies in the States.

– Went to Denver (Colorado) to study, while continuing to practice taekwon-do. When I left Tajikistan, my family and friends were sympathetic, because I planned to return in a year. But after the expiration of this time, I told my family that I wanted to stay in the USA.

They didn’t want to let me go for a long time. Now I come to Dushanbe every year and visit my relatives and friends. In the USA, in addition to my studies, I began to take an active part in various competitions.

In particular, he won the Colorado state championship, became the winner and prize-winner of open tournaments of other states and the US championship. I did not make plans to become a coach, everything changed after I successfully performed at the New York and Colorado championships. After that, sponsors appeared who supported me. And then I opened a sports club in the state, – says Latipov.

About dreams
Komil Latipov also spoke about his cherished dream in his career.
– First of all, the most important thing for me is the success of my students in various tournaments. There are many competitions ahead and we will try to achieve good results in them.
In addition, I want as many of my students as possible to join the national team and fight for Olympic qualifications. I dream that one day my student will win the gold of the Olympics, – said the coach.
Komil Latipov
Born August 26, 1985
Black belt, 4th dan.
Colorado Champion (2008, 2009, 2011)
New York State Championship silver medalist (2005)
Champion of Tajikistan (2004, 2003)
Silver medalist of the Central Asian Games (2003)
Silver medalist of Iranian Open Championship (2002)
Silver medalist of the championship of Tajikistan (1998)
Champion of the open championship Dushanbe (1998)
Bronze medalist of the open championship of Tajikistan (1997)
Champion of Tajikistan in kickboxing (1996).

By Aleksey Korchagin (Translated from google)

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