Warriors Martial Arts Students Make History at USAT and AAU National Championships

(Florida USA July 2-10)

The Warriors Martial Arts Elite Team made history last week, winning a total of 8 medals at the USAT and AAU National Championships in Jacksonville and Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Five students won Gold medals, becoming national champions: Muhammad Ali Sardar, Andrei Haurylau, Nour Hamed, Jane Nazarova, and Siddiq Furqan. Jessica Bailey and Talia Witherspoon won Bronze medals.

The competition was fierce, with over 4,000 participants from 45 states, 5 countries, and over 900 coaches. The Warriors team trained hard for months in preparation for the event, and their hard work paid off.
The team’s coaches, Komil Latipov, Matt Bailey, Farhod Negmatov, and Azim Gholami, are proud of their students’ accomplishments. “We are so proud of our students,” said Latipov. “They worked hard and they deserve this success.”

The Warriors Martial Arts Team is a family-oriented team that is committed to helping students of all ages achieve their goals. The team’s success at the national championships is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the students, coaches, and parents.

Congratulations to the Warriors Martial Arts Team on their amazing accomplishment!

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