2012 Scrimmage in Parker

The 2012 Scrimmage in Parker held at Victory Taekwondo Center on Sept. 22nd was a huge success!!! Teams from MOD Taekwondo Elite (Utah), Korean Academy of Taekwondo (KAT), US Taekwondo Center (USTC) and host Victory Taekwondo Center (VTC) had a great time testing their skills, gaining new friends and most of all the experience of multiple sparring sessions, board breaking and forms competition made the event a huge success.

Master Sammy Pejo, Master Paul Kimmich, and Master Kim Fenton and her son (head of the table) did a phenomenal job on being volunteer center referees (hats off to them). The VTC and MOD instructors who also volunteered as corner referees together with respective parents from each school made the event complete.

One of the officials said that this event is one of the most organized events that she had been into and would definitely help out next year. But the most surprising thing happened on that day was Ryan Tomas’ (Pinoy Big Brothers –Philippines) special demonstration. The Filipino parents and students of MOD Taekwondo Elite were so thrilled to see him. A huge thanks to Master Pottle and Mr. Tomas.

The event wrapped up on time and everyone left with a big smile on their face. A lot of them wanted to come back and look forward to another exciting event.

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