2017 Fall Elementary League Results

(Aurora, CO) – The Fall Elementary Schools League Championships were held on November 18th, 2017. The League has seen exceptional recent growth, and this year’s event featured 90 competitors from twelve different schools. Due to the size of the event, the new venue was Crescent View Academy.

Each year, it is getting more and more difficult to win in the league. CVA showed a great ‘home field advantage’, earning 52 points to take first place. Montessori Del Mundo came in second with 47 points. To put that in perspective, both of those totals were more than any other team (except one) has ever scored in an entire year. 

The tournament was held in both the cafeteria and the gym. The cafeteria provided two floors of stadium style seating for parents and spectators.

The championship features 4 separate events. In the Forms competition, students try to perform a set pattern with a high level of technical accuracy. In the Breaking competition, students create a routine where they destroy boards of varying thicknesses with a combination of different techniques. In Sparring, students earn points for kicking and punching their opponents. In Grappling, students try to hold others down or force them to give up. 

Although the competition is fierce, sportsmanship and cooperation is stressed over results. Students know that their primary goal is to become stronger as a person and help others to do so as well.



Here are the team standings so far. Trophies will be awarded for the final standings, which will also take into account the White Tiger Championships on April 28, 2018. 


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