2018 Fall Elementary League Results

(Aurora, CO) – The 2018 Fall Championships were held on November 17th, at Crescent View Academy. This year also featured the addition of high school divisions. The league has been growing tremendously – only two years ago the tournament was held in a dojang. Last year Crescent View Academy was a good fit, but this time it was far too small. Future events will have to be held in a full gym. Tournament Director Master Kamil Latipov apologized for the lack of space and that some spectators had a crowded experience.

Leading the way, once again was Ins. Paola’s Montessori Del Mundo program, with 71 points. They were followed by CVA with 31, and then a tie between Aurora Quest and Murphy Creek with 17. Joe Shoemaker rounded out the top 5 with 9 points. CVA and MDM have now been 1 and 2 each of the last 3 years.

The tournament structure was a little different than some people were used to, but it allowed competitors to have many different sparring and grappling matches. Matches had only one referee who called points, and rather than using divisions (as we did in blaster pads, breaking, and forms) sparring and grappling competitors were able to face whoever they wanted, in as many matches as they wanted. Master Kamil Latipov stated “Thanks so much to the many teams that came, especially to those who pushed themselves against difficult opponents.”

1st Place MdM team

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