Sparring expo 3.0 at Tiger Kim’s Academy June 29 2013


expo 3.0Poster-DaedoSparringExpo3.0-LetterSizeDaedo Expo 3.0,  Sparring expo at Tiger Kim’s Academy.  Four rings of Daedo Electronics and everyone will get to do sparring four to six times round robin.  All martial schools are welcome to participated in this great event, Having the latest software updates and new transmitters for equipment. The Daedo expo 3.0 will expect to have more participants and more matches to come. Expo 3.0 Sparring will be June 29 2013.

This sparring expo/scrimmages are a very good way to get the practice and experience needed to succeed in the upcoming tournaments.

To Get More info please go to

or call 303-388-1408,


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