This isn’t a normal post about tournaments or even things that are going on within Colorado. I found something while going through my facebook feed and came across something that said TFC (Team Fighting Championship), which kind of peaked my interest so I decided to watch the video and well here’s a promo of the fight: now I like the UFC and Bellator and others that you have that’s MMA but this?! If your mind started to wonder around on what this might be, let me clarify it for you. Basically it’s 2 teams of five stepping into a ring and fighting. With a title like TEAM you would think it would be like a one-on-one and whoever losses swaps out for a fresh person but no. Once the 2 individuals are done fighting, the winner just runs over and helps (either needing or not) a teammate; so there’s a possibility (and proven in the first fight) that it could be a 2-on-1 fight and even 5-on-1 fight. Oh and the best part about the whole thing is, they are supposed to follow standard mma rules. Last I checked, each organization has different rules they go by, it might not be a big difference between them but it is there. So how do you go by standard mma rules? Anyways if you want to look more into it the website is and tell me your thoughts about it.

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