The Iraqi Taekwondo Team Earns Gold Medals in Florida 2013

The Iraqi Taekwondo team participated in the Annual Daedo- Truescore International Open (September 27th – 29th, 2013). This single elimination tournament, held according to the regulations of the WTF, was followed and led by the head referee Grand Master Chaco Cornelio (International referee, ARUBA). The electronic system of scoring was used in this tournament (Daedo). There were 15 countries that participated and were made up of: Cadet male and female teams, Junior male and female teams, and Adult male and female teams. Iraq participated in adult male sparring and earned three gold medals in the following weight divisions:

Ahmed, Ali, and Jafar earning gold medals in sparing

Ahmed, Ali, and Jafar earning gold medals in sparring.

  • Jafar Al,  68 Kg (Gold)
  • Ali Mseer Alhachami, +80 Kg (Gold)
  • Ahmed Aqeel Alsubaihawi , 63 Kg (Gold)
International open Floraida 2013 3

Teammates with their coach Falih Naam.

It has been a long journey for the Iraqi team. Ahmed Aqeel Alsubaihawi represented Iraq at the World Championships earlier in 2013 and continues today to represent Iraq with his teammates (Jafar Al and Ali Mseer Alhachami).


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