As your first belt tests arrive this year rigid training and memorization become a necessity. Be sure not to cheat yourself from being the top of your class. Go to the one stop spot for all your Taekwondo studying needs! is the place to go if you need to learn new forms, study old ones, review grappling drills or even sparring techniques. The page is organized into drills and techniques, and all the drills are broken down into many different categories.

Wikidrills has been intelligently designed. It is easy to manage, with stress free navigation. Along with notes and step by step videos along with directions it will provide all the information that is essential to move forward in Taekwondo, all you need to know in order to navigate the site- your belt level.

The step by step directions and film on Wikidrills will give you the confidence you need on test day when you’re standing in front of the judges.

Don’t be lazy either, wikidrills can be used to get ahead as well, just get on wiki from home work or school and don’t forget you can use your smart phone, iPad or PC! It’s not a separate app, but all of the content is available on any screen.

With Wikidrills success within Taekwondo is inevitable if you utilize your resources properly.

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