2nd Annual CO Martial Arts Awards Brings Out Stars

11074132_10155270971845317_4953526080766423872_n(Aurora, CO)Colorado Martial Arts News was honored to host the 2nd Annual CO Martial Arts Awards that celebrated special accomplishments from Colorado based students, instructors, and referees during 2014. The 2013 Awards were online voting only, and this was the first year the ceremony grew into a live event.


11020255_10155270976465317_8406022161514231716_nThis year’s event featured acceptance speeches by numerous notable recipients, including Master Barb Kunkel who spoke of her battle overcoming cancer and the success of the Fight For Life Fundraising Tournament. The speeches were as diverse as the honorees, yet there were common threads throughout. Winners were quick to point out all the people who had helped them along the way as well as recognize others who would have also been deserving of the same awards. The Kick of the Year award was voted on during the event, with Madelyn Gorman-Shore taking home the trophy for her headshot in US Open last year by just one vote.


Madelyn Gorman-Shore receives the “Kick of the Year” award. Photo Credit Kerry Kara

A relaxed and positive vibe was felt throughout William Smith High School where the ceremony took place. Although they would be perfectly happy to kick each other in the face in the ring, the various martial artists in attendance were genuinely happy to share in the success of others.






11050324_10205656658229025_5728226548836244709_oThe event was organized, planned, and personally funded by Colorado Martial Arts News writer Sir Gregory Salonis.  As the event was free and open to the public, he will gratefully accept donations via Paypal at Stormtkd14@gmail.com. As the event grows into the future, the idea is to recruit sponsors and charge a nominal admissions fee to offset the cost of running such an event.




Congratulations to all the winners!


The full list of winners is below:

Indomitable Spirit Award– Sab Barb Kunkel

Referee of the Year Award– Master Angela Hammil DeOliveira

Coach of the Year Award – Master Darin Carr
Poomsae of the Year Award – Nikita Karamian
Junior Male of the Year Award– Isaac Vigil
Junior Female of the Year Award– Madelyn Gorman-Shore
Senior Female of the Year AwardMaureen “Baby Face” Riordon
Cadet Male of the Year AwardJoshua Kosloski
Kick of the Year Award and voting (Madelyn G.S)

We will open up the nomination process for the 2015 Awards on or around Jan 1st 2016. For now, go out and do something epic!

You can also download the powerpoint presentation with many highlight videos of the athletes (warning: 2.6 GB)

You can also see more pictures taken by Kerry Kara (may not be available for everyone)


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