Major Upheaval At Top of K8 League Standings

(Aurora, CO) – The traditional powerhouses were dethroned in the Fall Colorado Elementary Taekwondo League Championships on November 14th as three new programs stormed to the top. Instructor Paola Perez’s Montessori Del Mundo team took top honors with a spirited performance centered around Olympic Sparring. Master Bethany Lopez’s Murphy Creek Jets came in second, with dominating performances in breaking and forms. Third place honors were won by Dean Leveret’s Carbon Valley Academy squad.

The tournament also featured a great showing by many students from Luevano Taekwondo.


Murphy Creek Team


Of course, it remains to be seen whether the results can hold after the Twin Dragons Tournament (April 16-17) when more points are up for grabs and most established teams are usually stronger. In any case, it is a great start!

Full results.

  1. Montessori Del Mundo. (12)
  2. Murphy Creek (10)
  3. Carbon Valley Academy (8)
  4. Crescent View Academy (7)
  5. GVA Ft. Collins (6)
  6. Highline Academy (5)
  7. Vanguard (5)
  8. Aurora Quest (5)
  9. Lotus School for Excellence (4)
  10. CO International School (4
  11. Aspen Crossing (4)
  12. Belleview (2)
  13. DSST (2)
  14. Archuletta Elementary (2)
  15. Centennial Elementary (1)
  16. Loremy Johnson (1)
  17. Greenwood Academy (1)
  18. Plays Bridge Academy (1)
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