Sifu Kisu Star Visits Colorado

(Littleton, CO)LaKai Taekwondo (KAT Littleton)  hosted a seminar from Sifu Kisu Star of the Harmonious Fist Chinese Athletic Association on September 19th and 20th. You can learn more about Sifu Kisu on the Avatar Wiki Page or his tumbler page. In addition to adapting traditional martial arts to create the bending on the show, he was also the inspiration for the character of Sokka’s master.


Official Seminar Photo

The seminar was a collaboration between the Rocky Mountain Kung Fu Alliance and the Korean Academy of Taekwondo. Master Laron Younger, the main host for the event stated: “I would venture to say that having Sifu Kisu visit was an incredible experience for all who came in contact with him. I believe that it was truly one of the best experiences I’ve had in the martial arts world, it’s truly refreshing to see someone who has such a love and compassion martial arts and people.

Sifu Gary Choi added: “Sifu Kisu was amazing to have around, his insight and skill on the martial arts is only surpassed by his heart, love, and compassion for people around him and for the art.”  Sifu Adam Reed called Sifu Kisua treasure among us” and the sentiment was widely shared.

The seminars covered a variety of empty hand and sword forms. While the techniques themselves were fantastic, a good part of the real value of the weekend came in the informal Question and Answer sessions and how genuine love for martial arts could be seen in each casual interaction. Sifu Kisu also revealed some details of an exciting new project that he is working on.

Sifu Kisu himself had this to say: “Chinese Martial Arts embody harmonized teaching and training techniques which serve as either self-defense, healing, psychological revelation, vivifying exercise, or a spiritual path, and could act as a catalyst to people who would normally not be interested in spiritual practices or other esoteric training. This knowledge changed me on so many levels that I have no words to explain. I went from a piece of tin to a bolder of gold
My life’s work now is the practice, teaching and promotion of the Northern Shaolin system of traditional Chinese martial arts. A while back I was engaged by one of my students (Bryan Konietzko) who worked for Nickelodeon as a consultant on their hit TV show Avatar: The Last Airbender.  Through that show I have attempted to promote the higher concepts of Martial Art virtues. I am proud to say this is the first show for young people that I had seen passing along the concepts of honor, duty, loyalty, friendship and harmony.

All in all it was a great weekend, and we hope to have him return to Colorado in the future.


Sifu Kisu took some time to visit Daisy Walsh and other kids at Children’s Hospital.











Sifu Kisu Flyer

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