Review: New Taekwondo uniforms from Century

While Century Martial Arts has always offered Taekwondo uniforms, their selection, marketing and design has been more focused on the Karate and general martial arts markets. With their new line of basic 7 oz uniforms, they are definitely taking steps to offer a competitively priced item to Olympic Style schools. Scott Granger from Century was kind enough to send us two free dobaks to review.

The uniforms have good quality stitching throughout and at 7 oz don’t feel ‘loose’ or ‘cheap’, but also aren’t too heavy for strenuous workouts. One good innovation is the tagless back design – the sizing information is seamlessly attached on a smooth fabric-like sticker that’s either printed on or seamlessly attached. With traditional uniforms, not only are the tags annoying but they fall off around the dojang and also fade – by the time it’s time for a new dobak, parents have a hard time finding the size.










The dobaks come in both white and black collars. The fabric is a little more like canvas and less like the softer cotton of other brands, so it’s definitely a matter of personal taste which you prefer. The uniforms should also handle both heat transfer and screen printing well.

Century uses a high level of safety and environmental checks, which have made it difficult for them to match prices with some brands in the past. However, these new uniforms are priced very competitively. Contact or 800-626-2787 x425 for a quote for your school.


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