2017-2018 Colorado K8 League Final Results

(Aurora, CO) – The Colorado K8 Taekwondo schools league finished up a fierce season on Saturday, April 28th with the 2018 White Tiger Championships. Although the tournament itself featured 375 competitors from around the world, only the elementary schools points counted for the league standings.

Schools earn points for competing in 4 events – Board Breaking, Forms, Grappling, and Sparring. The points from the fall championships and the spring championships are added together to make the overall winner.

Nihal from Lotus wins third place in the WTC2018

MDM Taekwondo started off 5 points behind from Crescent View Academy’s all time record 52 points that they earned on their home turf in the fall championships. However, MdM’s 48 points in the spring was enough to over come it and go home as champions for the second year in a row. Instructor Paola Perez, coach of the winning team had this to say. “I am very proud of MdM Taekwondo kids, it doesn’t surprise me to be in first place again, MdM continues being engaged in training and in participating in tournaments. I love to coach them.”

League Commissioner Master Bill Pottle reflected on the growth of the league in recent years. “It’s getting harder and harder to win – and in fact even to place in the top 5. The league has really grown from its humble beginnings, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Master Komiljon Latipov has shown a lot of success in the league, with teams that he coaches or helps coach taking 2nd, 4th, and 5th. “I want to thank all the parents and students who worked so hard, especially the administration at Lotus who gives the team such amazing support.”

There is definitely an ebb and flow to the league as students grow too old to compete and as new students come in. Aurora Quest Academy, the league’s only 3 time champions, could muster just a 6th place overall finish after starting so far back in the fall. Can Montessori Del Mundo become the first team to ever win 3 years – in a row? Only time will tell, but they seem unstoppable for now.



2011-2012 Champion: Aurora Quest Academy.

2012-2013 Champion: Global Village Academy.

2013-2014 Champions:  Aurora Quest Academy and Crescent View Academy.

2014-2015 Champion: Crescent View Academy

2015-2016 Champion: Aurora Quest Academy.

2016-2017 Champion: Montessori Del Mundo

Two friends from Quest combine their medals with the interior magnets.

2017-2018 Champion: Montessori Del Mundo

MdM students and friends

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