The Princess and the Ogre: Martial Arts Based Nursery Rhymes


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Book Review: The Princess and the Ogre: Martial Arts Based Nursery Rhymes and Fairy Tales for Children of all Ages.
You will find many familiar versions of nursery rhymes, filled with Martial Arts kicks and twists in The Princess and the Ogre. Your kids will love hearing and reading it, and you will enjoy it as well. Don’t miss out on reading your favorite tales like This Little Piggy, Little Red Riding Hood and The Three Little Pigs.
The creativity in the book is great and the moral lessons of the stories are not just fun to read but educating at the same time. The authors do an impressive job reminding children through the nursery rhymes, that Martial Arts is not just about hard work, structure and dedication but that it fun as well.
Be sure to get your copy of The Princess and the Ogre for your family today. Please remember to do so before September ends. ALL Proceeds of the book, during the month of September will be donated to the Children’s Cancer Research Fund.
The Pottle family searched high and low in old dusty libraries to read and rediscover original martial arts based stories, to compile the creation of The Princess and the Ogre: Martial Arts Based Nursery Rhymes.
Bill Pottle has written various books over the last few years exploring magic and science. He has also written several books about Martial Arts and the instruction of Martial Arts. More information can be found on all the Pottle Books at:

Review by Cherise Scrivner

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