2022 Colorado State Open Championships

(Aurora, CO) –The Warriors Martial Arts hosted the 2022 Colorado State Open Championships in Aurora CO on December 10th, 2022.  The majority of the athletes were from Colorado, but we also had Farhod Negmatov, an Olympian from London Olympic Games, and members of the Tajikistan national team as guests.

The 2022 Colorado State Open Championships is part of a series that includes Lone Wolf Classic. We had over 100 competitors from 13 different schools and programs participate. There were many amazing sparring matches, grappling matches, board breaks and more. It was particularly great to have demo team performances, the Pueblo Strong Taekwondo, and Reunion TKD performing. “I could not be more proud of my students competing today at the Colorado Open Tournament hosted by Warrior’s Martial Arts! They were respectful, earned some medals, learned some important lessons, and most importantly had lots of fun! Thank you Master Kamil Latipov!!”-Said Alex Clary Head of Reunion TKD

Congratulations to Pueblo Strong Team and Gonzales TKD team for winning the championship second and third team standings..and a special congrats to Warriors MA for taking first place!

Sparring was the most popular event, especially in the color belt divisions due to the fact that students didn’t need to purchase Daedo E-socks. There were many fierce matches from black belt on down. “Since there aren’t many tournaments in CO, this is a great competition for athletes there. Our Warriors MA crew gained a lot of experience from it..” Said Kamil Latipov- head of Warriors MA Team

The competition featured 10 events in total – Traditional Forms, Team Traditional Forms, Team Creative Forms, Weapons Forms, Junk Weapons, Totem Forms, Blaster Pad Sparring, Olympic Sparring  Free Grappling. “I had a terrific experience competing; my competitor team and I are happy to be here after putting in a lot of effort to prepare for this event.” Said Elisa Strickler Gold medalist.

There was a wide variety of competitors in attendance, with ages ranging from 3 to over 65, and skills ranging from high international caliber to special needs. The tournament also formed the fall meeting in the Colorado K-12 League 2022-2023 Season, with Crescent View Academy taking top honors.

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